Security Analyst Network Connection Profiler


Security Analyst Network Connection Profiler [sancp] is a network security tool designed to create connection logs and record network traffic for the purpose of auditing, historical analysis, and network activity discovery.


gcc/g++ compiler

Download instructions:

  Anonymous CVS version 1.6.1 (stable)   supports linux and bsd  (minimal 64bit support)

        cvs login
        cvs co sancp

  Anonymous CVS version 1.6.2 (beta)   supports linux, bsd, solaris, and some 64bit platforms 

        cvs login
        cvs co sancp-devel

Mailing Lists:  

Contact Information:

        Please report problems to one of the mailing lists above.  


        Author: John Curry       <  john.curry AT  >       


        This code is distributed under the QPL LICENSE

Other Links:    -  Perl script for retrieving packets from SANCP pcap files index (read usage here)

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